Sunday, January 4, 2009


Where do I begin with New Year's Eve? We started the evening off at Adele and Tom's beautiful home with a potluck dinner. Mike smoked/cooked/rotisseried 6 chickens & about a lot of meat! We had a great dinner with lots of yummy food, good drinks and LOTS of laughter.

After dinner, we headed to Andrew Blair's to make sure everything was set up! Here is the site of the party and our fun party favors!

Each of the "hosts" took turns working the door and checking people in. Helen and I had the most fun being "bouncers"!!!

I spotted a familiar koozie at the beginning of the night. Yes, that is MY koozie that Matt apparently STOLE from me during football season. Matt, I expect it wrapped and delivered back to me.

The night was filled with dancing, laughing, singing, DRINKING and lots and lots of fun! After we rang in the new year together, it was time for some fried foods. Mike and I gave up fried foods and fast food for 2 months. On January 1st we were allowed to eat fried foods again. As you can see, we were excited to eat a french fry at 12:01am!
After we ate, drank and danced some more...we decided to catch a cab home. Apparently we got a Gypsy cab to take us home but we made it in one piece (it was actually a wheelchair van).

I have to say, it was my favorite New Year's thus far. We had a fabulous party, great friends and lots and lots of memories!

Here's to all the possibilities that 2009 hold for each of us!


Emily G. said...

Yay for fried foods! I still can't believe you held off for 2 months - I could never go that long!!

Lora said...

I loved our txt mgs exchange on NYE :) We need to drink together more often, actually it's more like we should visit CLT more!