Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Tuesdays are one of my favorite days...
1) its one day closer to the weekend
2) I get to see some of my favorite ladies
3) I get to drink wine and eat dessert without gaining weight. God forgives those calories and fat b/c we are discussion His word. Don't you love how that works out!?!?!

We took a break over Christmas and we are back on this Tuesday. We just finished a study of I John and we decided to dive into Romans next. I have been to many bible studies over the years and I have never "studied" a book of the bible until now. What a novel concept, study a book of the bible during bible study. After our crazy Beth Moore study, Romans is a welcome study :)

Ellen made a book cover for our next study. She couldn't' sleep one night so decided to play around with all of our "BELIEVE" photos. She did an awesome job and I'm excited about my new book cover.
Amy it wouldn't be possible without your wonderful photography skills...so a big shout out!!)

See you girls on Tuesday! (I promise I won't be out of town)

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Mary Mac said...

that cover is amazing!I want to hear more about all of this going on!?! we need to catch up.