Sunday, January 25, 2009


I had some true quality time with MelMel on Friday night. Keeping with typical Eckholdt style, we walked in late! We were the last "couple" to walk in and felt the stares as we sat down.

The class was filled with introductions (awkward), visuals, games, skits, video (WOW), floor exercises, breathing techniques, and lots of giggles btw me and Mel.
Here are a few things I learned:
1) Every teen should attend this class b/c they will be too scared to have sex until they are 50 years old
2) I shouldn't make fun of pregnant woman's (mel's) kankles b/c they can't help it. Actually we both laughed about it and I let her make fun of my chicken ankles
3) I DO NOT want to birth a child until I'm 75 years old
4) I NEED Matt to be in town when Mel goes into labor. I will totally screw up and can't handle to see her in that much pain. (she is going to be brave and not have any drugs)

I wanted to take a picture of all of us on the floor doing the visualization and breathing exercises...but I figured we might get kicked out. So I got some pictures of the very beautiful pregnant mama! Oliver is going to make his appearance very soon (but he is going to make sure his daddy is in town first).


Lora said...

whew I am glad you glossed over the video details. I learned enough after Em had Nate :)

Emily G. said...

I am not sure I am glad you went to this class, Bec. Nate needs a cousin before he is 50!!!

And PS you'd be a great coach in the delivery room. Just as long as you didnt look past Melissa's knees!! :)