Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow in CLT!

As Kelly said to me today, "you act like you have never seen snow before." That is what I feel like every time
it snows. I get so excited and can't sleep...I wake up every few hours just to look outside and watch it snow.
Well I woke up this morning at 6:30am, dressed quickly, grabbed my camera and went outside with O'Malley.
He was hysterical running around in the snow. Yes, I'm a loser for being so excited about the snow and my dog playing in it. Oh well...its the little things in life!

(PS-O'Malley is very excited about his play date this weekend. Mallie is coming for the weekend!!)
O'Malley liked the taste of snow this morning..

He was enjoying running around
and putting his nose in the snow


Lora said...

O'Malley is the best dog - I am glad he wasn't scared of the snow! Snow is a rare thing around here so I understand your excitement. I am over it now though and am ready for it to melt away.

Lynn said...

So cute! You should come visit us if you like snow that much...we got a foot this weekend! It was so pretty :)

Emily G. said...

SO JEALOUS of all that snow! Nate would have gone crazy!!