Thursday, January 12, 2012

Telling the families

By far, our favorite part about finding out we were pregnant has been telling our families We knew we wanted to tell our families in person and tried to figure out the best time/way to tell them.

We decided to tell my family at Abby's 2nd birthday party when we went to Tuscaloosa in November. I bought 2 "big cousin" shirts off of etsy and planned to have Abby & Nate spill the beans.
We got to Em's house Friday late afternoon/evening and the Gibbs girls had already started our usual "wine time". I refused a drink and said I would get some in a little bit. While dinner was being cooked and everyone was hanging out around the kitchen, I took the kids into the playroom and put on their "big cousin" shirts. I walked them towards the kitchen and Mike was ready with the camera. It took mom a minute to understand what the shirts said but then started screaming. Em's reaction was the best...she flipped out and then started crying. Greg was in the background plugging his hears to protect himself from all the loud screams. Abby and Nate got a little freaked out at all the screams too!
I was so thankful they all finally knew because it was really hard to keep it a secret from my mom and sisters.

We waited until Thanksgiving to tell Mike's family because that's the first time we were all together. We bought a frame for his mom and had her open it when we arrived. She was absolutely shocked and thought it would be years before we started a family. She was even more excited because she is getting her first grandchildren within 4 weeks of each other. Mike's younger brother and his wife are due exactly 4 weeks before us.


Bawa Bears said...

omg i love those pics of your mom and em! so great so so so great!

Hallie Madewell said...

OH MY GOSH! I seriously got big tears seeing Em's and your Mom's face!!! PRICELESS!

Emily G. said...

these made me tear up (again)! I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life!!!!

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

Seriously, the pictures are SO GREAT. These will be priceless for forever!