Thursday, January 26, 2012


Thanks to the addiction called, Pinterest, I have "pinned" a lot of recipes lately.
We ate dinner at a friends house recently and I told them I was bringing all the food. It was a great excuse to try some new recipes.

I made crockpot honey chicken, brown rice, salad and s'more cups. They were all devoured, but the s'more cups were the biggest hit!

The following week I made dinner for a couple in our Sunday school class that recently had a little girl. I pulled out a Staton house favorite- chicken enchiladas. Since I still had the "s'more" ingredients, I decided to make another "pinned" recipe.
S'more cookies were made and turned out really well! I actually didn't eat one but my personal taste tester said they were amazing.
I think the s'more cups are easier to make but both are worth a try.

Happy pinning...

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