Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Book Review

During Christmas 2010, I opened my stocking to find the Hunger Games trilogy set from my husband. I thanked him and then thought..."why the heck did he buy me these weird books". My oldest sister had already read them and told me to stop being a brat and read them. My sisters have always been good at putting me in my place!

Over the next week, I finished all 3 books and LOVED THEM!!! When I was done, I was so sad they were over and have passed the books along to anyone that would listen to me.

A few months ago, a blog friend recommended another book. She said if I loved the Hunger Games, then I should give this new author a chance.
I introduce you to DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth.
This was a quick read and pretty good. Of course it wasn't as good as Hunger Games, but still worth a read. Divergent is the 1st in a trilogy, but the 2nd book won't come out until May. boo

If you are lame like me and enjoy reading "young adult" books, give this one a chance!

On another note, is everyone as excited as me to see The Hunger Games in March?!?!


Lynsey said...

I am so excited about the movie. I did a whole post on the Hunger Games.


I'll have to check out this other book. Sounds like a great read.

Bawa Bears said...

yes the trailer looks so good! i only read the first so far. your endorsement of the other book did not make me want to read it :). ha.

Becky said...

Er- I didn't want to get anyone too excited about the book. Its a good, easy read...but not as good as hunger games. BUT, you should read it if you want to read one similar to Hunger Games

Hallie Madewell said...

I've never heard of these! I will try them aft I finish the other books Em gave me!