Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family Beach Trip recap

Better late than never...
This was the 27th year that my family has gone on our annual beach trip...can you see why I love traditions so much?!?!

Our first day on the beach, I was talking to mom as we watched Abby Reece & Nate play in the ocean. Mom reminded me of our first trip to our family's beach house when I was 2.5 years old. It went a little something like this...
"The house was finished being built when you were around 2.5 years old and we took our first family beach trip to Litchfield, SC. You were wearing your favorite seersucker dress and you and your sisters were so excited about going to the beach with Aunt Betty. The minute your feet hit the sand, you began running to the water. You ran all the way into the ocean and the waves took your feet out from under you and you tumbled in the waves. You popped back up, wet and sandy, but could not stop laughing".
Seeing Abby Reece have no fear and walk right into the ocean, made my heart so happy!!

We had a great time...ran around the beach, jumped waves, splashed around, looked for fish, built sand castles and buried the kiddos in the sand. We also had our usual "theme night dinners", read lots of books, played cards, celebrated mom & dad's 40th wedding anniversary, had sister time and just enjoyed hanging out together.
I was sad to see the beach trip end, but I felt better knowing there will be many more years of memories to come.

My sister, Em, did a great job blogging about our annual family beach trip so read her post for more details and pics.

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