Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spiderman rocks!

We spent our Saturday celebrating Nate's 4th birthday (a month early since they are moving to Tuscaloosa in 2 weeks). Em rented a great place called Jumpy's and it was so much fun...every kids dream! The party was a huge success and I think we successfully wore out every child so they would take a great afternoon nap.
The spiderman cupcakes were my personal favorite, but a close second was seeing Nate in his pirate costume. Nate now owns every spiderman toy sold in the state of Tennessee and boy is he a happy kid.
It was a great way to spend Nate's last birthday in Murfreesboro. Enjoy just a few pictures...I'm sure Em will have a much better birthday recap.


Hallie Madewell said...

Great party! It was great to see you!!!!

Emily G. said...

yes....still working on editing/combining the 400+ pics before I can blog! :)

thanks again for coming and for being my paparazzi! i will return the favor one day at your kid(s) parties!!

ps...why is the blogpost title SUPERMAN rocks? are you drunk

Bawa Bears said...

yeah did you mean spiderman rocks? just noticed that too, haha. looked like fun!!!