Thursday, October 29, 2009


We haven't booked a reception site yet and places are starting to book up. We found out yesterday that our favorite place got booked late last week. bummer!
I was having a "woe is me moment" and Mike tried to cheer me up this afternoon. He sent me this link and said we could always do what this couple did.

Click Here

Yes, I am judging and will NOT get married in a laundromat!
Cross your fingers we have a reception site booked by this time next week. If not, we might just call it a day and elope (sorry mom but I will if I have to)!


Lora said...

You would never elope. Sorry to hear about your favorite place though I know it's disappointing. Try to remember it is not where you get married but who are you marrying :) Your wedding will be a wonderful event and everyone will have lots of fun wherever the reception is held!!

Holly said...

DO IT. Elope Becky. I swear it's the smartest thing I've ever done.