Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Year, Another Letter

The Myrtle Ave house hosted their annual Letter themed Halloween Party. The chosen letter this year was B.

I'm not a big fan of dressing up (probably b/c I'm not creative), but I LOVE seeing how much thought others put into it. We had so much fun last night and had lots of laughs at a few costumes. Since Mike & I are on a budget due to the little fact that we are getting married next year, we decide to be lame and cheap with our costumes. I wore a veil and brought my bride bag and was a "bride to be". Mike bought some silver balloons and was "balloon boy" aka Falcon.

(Beach babe, Bride to Be, Bump in the Road, Bingo, Breakfast Club, Bollywood, Batman, Boxes of cereal that made up the breakfast club)
Adele has her beer stash in her beach bag!
Isn't the bachelor such a stud?!?! Kat is workin it too
Bronzer much?!?! I asked them to dress like this to my wedding
Caroline & Will were HILARIOUS! I loved Caroline's shoulder pads
Bed wetter and the bump in the road...way to be a trooper E!
Banana, Beach bum, Balloon boy & beer pong!

Can't wait to see what the letter will be next year!


Lora said...

Work with what you've got Bec :) Your friends are creative! You all should start a list of the letter and costume by year.

Erin said...

yall are creative, what a fun idea!!!

amy free said...

Oh my. I love how awesome y'all are. Seriously.