Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Time

Terry & Ellen Bruce have been camping out at my house for a while. After 3 months of rat drama (or maybe TRAUMA), they decided enough was enough. Salem was the 1st family member to begin staying with me. O'Malley LOVES having Salem here and they have provided more entertainment then I could have imagined.
Terry & Ellen decided Salem was having too much fun with me, so they decided to move in too!
I think they were a little nervous at first and I don't blame them. They know I love my routine, I'm a control freak, I get bent out of shape when something changes, and the list could go on.
I LOVE HAVING THEM AS ROOMIES! Seriously, I really love it. Terry sings and dances for me in the mornings, Ellen talks to me while I'm getting ready, Ellen's sweet mama makes me yummy food, we eat dinner together, chat at night about our days and they even provide free relationship therapy/advice.
The even better part is they are moving next door to me until September! Yes, they are renting my neighbors townhouse until their house is built. So I will have Kel Kel & Robby on one side and Terry & Ellen on the other. Life doesn't get much better than that! Seriously, I am so excited for this time we have together. Who can you say they have their "family" living on both sides of their house...ME!!!
The Bruce's


The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

HOORAY Team Becky!!!! If you keep influencing my husband like this, we're never moving out! :)

Lora said...

reminds me of you living with us for the summer :) The rat saga freaks me out - poor Ellen!