Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Patio Party

The Flemings worked long and hard to build a new patio and cornhole pits. They decided the best way to christen the patio was to have a PARTY! We all headed to the Flemings on Friday night for some great times. An added bonus to the night were some of the App Family was in town...we got to hang out with Lynn, Michael, Brittney and Jacob. Hurray!!!
After Lynn & Michael arrived, I spent most of my time trying to convince them to move to Charlotte and buy a townhouse next door to me. I am keeping my fingers crossed :)

Man I have great friends. We had such a fun night hanging out at the Flemings! Thanks for always being such great hosts.

Some of the girls
Andy & Mike playing in the new Cornhole pits
The Williamsburg Family minus Kelly. Please notice Robby holding his beer like a baby and trying to hurt the preggo with his shoulder!
Andy & Whit :)
Kat and Kess showing some love
Bible Study boys
Katie Jo, Lynn and Brittney


Kat Attack said...

Love it, Gibbs! Great pics, great fun, great memories. thanks for posting it, now I can just link to your post and I don't have to do anything.

Michael and Lynn said...

So, I think Fowler is a little upset with how much you told me my mortgage would be each month :). I had such a fun time- wish we could have hung out longer! Ellen just glows being pregnant!