Sunday, May 31, 2009

I caught the bouquet

We spent the weekend in the booming town of Zanesville, Ohio.

Friday was filled with driving, tux pick-ups, hanging out and getting ready for the rehearsal. We got to the rehearsal and I was given the verse I was supposed to read. I thought it would be a few verses but it ended up being ALL of I Corinthians....panic began to set in :)
After the rehearsal we headed over to the country club for the FABULOUS dinner and after party. Judy (Phil's mom) out did herself and hosted a great dinner party. We all ate until our belly's were full, laughed/cried as people shared stories and advice for Phil & Deania, and drank and danced until our hearts were content.
Some cute old men were trying to teach me some "old school" dances. It was SO FUN! They told me to stare into their eyes and feel it in my hips. They even put flour on the dance floor so our shoes would slid around more. haha Mike better watch out for those old men :)

Grooms cake- SO GOOD!
At the country club
Saturday, all the guys had a tee time at 7am so Mike left the hotel at 6:30am..yikes! Needless to say, I stayed in bed for a while. I hung out with Erin and the Withrows, read, ran and then relaxed for the rest of the day.
The wedding was beautiful and filled with lots of tradition. I have never seen Phil & Deania so happy and it was so sweet to see him shed some tears. (I didn't trip or mess up my reading so that was a plus.) Of course Mike looked very handsome in his tux and did a great job escorting Courtney.
The reception was a big ol' party! Everyone (including Mike) danced the night away until we were kicked out by the DJ. I took a million pictures as usual but will only share a few.

Yes, I caught the bouquet (sort of). Deania tried to throw it to me and I ran away. But it hit me in the butt so they made me take it. Mike caught the garter (sort of). I don't think he wanted to touch it because it was an NC State one, or maybe he just didn't really know what he was supposed to do!! But he has it now and I'm not sure if he will burn it or not.

We woke up this morning and headed back to Charlotte.
It was a long trip but worth every minute.

The yummy cake
The Russo's
We love Jay & Erin
The bouquet Deania tossed


beth gibbs said...

Should I start planning the wedding? Garter and Bouquet, a double whammy?

Lora said...

best ever on the grooms cake!