Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh, how I love the mountains...

Saturday was a surprise trip to the mountains to visit the Biltmore House. Mike planned the whole day by himself (meaning I wasn't in control) and I was very impressed.
We drove to Asheville and toured the house which was amazing!!! I hadn't been since middle school...Mel-Mel didn't you come with me on that trip?!?! They were starting to put out the Christmas decorations so it made me get really excited about Christmas. I suggested we stop and get a tree on the way home but that idea was quickly vetoed.

After the house tour, we got lunch and sat out near the edge of the house. It was definetly breezy and I whined about being cold.
Next stop-the gardens. They were GORGEOUS...I tried to pretend I was a photographer and take pictures of all the flowers.
After we had enough of the flowers, it was time for the winery. This is the part I was so excited about. We toured a little bit of the winery and then went to the tasting room. I tried some really good red wines, and Mike even ventured out from his normal white wines and tasted 2 reds.
We headed outside to listen to these cute old men in a folk band. They were from TN and wrote some really funny songs. Please take a look at these cute men! (Kelly I can totally see your dad in a band like this)

We headed to downtown Asheville to walk around before dinner. I LOVE downtown Asheville...the shops and people are great! I got to go into Mast General Store and it made me feel like I was back in Boone. On our way to the restaurant, we heard a band practicing. We sat down to listen and it was actually 5 different praise and worship bands getting ready to perform. After listening to them and getting a bit too cold, we headed inside for dinner. We ate at Tupelo Honey Cafe...SOOOO GOOD! It is southern home cookin with an uptown twist...yummy.
After dinner we headed home b/c we were both exhausted. The day was perfect and Mike did a great job with all the planning so I expect nothing less now! :)
*I will admit it was nice not being in control for the day!

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(Emily Givens) said...

major points to mike! what a great day!