Saturday, October 4, 2008


I'm sitting here by the big stone fireplace and this is what is happening around me...
*everyone is drinking wine
*Ellen is curled up on the couch just being "still"
*Molly and Lynn are deep in conversations about life
*Kat is trying to get everyone to play games
*Kyle is still eating dessert
*Elizabeth is trying to wake her snoring husband up from a nap
*Brady, Sara and Chid are laughing and catching up
*Bri is cleaning the kitchen
*DR, Tester and Terry are yelling at the football game
*CT and his girlfriend Hef are just being cute
*CT is also defending not going to prom with me
*I'm blogging and taking pictures:)

This is what I love about being around my friends. We love being silly and yet love to get serious and hear about our struggles. We might not all talk every week and know everything that is going on in each others lives. But I know that everyone single person in this house really cares for one another and cherishes our friendships. I'm thankful for "The Family" and the relationships we share!

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