Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Dream

I have always wanted to have a family reunion but it has never worked out...and I'm not sure it ever will. Because of this, I have always wanted a family reunion shirt. Kind of random I know!
When we were in FL for Becca's wedding, there was a big family reunion and they all were wearing their tshirts and it looked like so much fun. I wanted to ask if I could have one of their shirts, but thought that might be a little forward.

My dear Ellen was so kind to remind Whitney of my tshirt dream while she was planning her family reunion. Last night at bible study, Whit gave me the shirt below! I now have a family reunion shirt and I LOVE it! I will wear this shirt and make the Smith family very proud!!!!
Thanks Whit :)


Lora said...

We did have the freezing frog sweatshirts, but I guess those don't count.

(Emily Givens) said...

cute shirt!! speaking of reunions, we need you to nail down a date for girls weekend. (ms. social butterfly)

beth gibbs said...

Keep dreaming Becky. If anyone can make this dream happen, you can! Just use those event organizing skills and your persuasive not to mention charismatic personality and I'm sure it will be a reality someday.
You go girl!!

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

love it. so glad she followed through to fulfill your dreams!