Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Party

Last night, Kelly and I hosted a Fall Party at our houses. We set up tables and chairs in the front our our house and hung out for the night! We ate too much food and drank too much "spiked" apple cider but man was it a good time. O'Malley had fun running around, begging for food and eating all the pumpkin guts.The party wouldn't be complete without a little pumpkin carving. Kelly started the trend and carved a great pumpkin...I tried to get her to carve "Fats" but her pumpkin wasn't big enough.
I tried to follow with another great pumpkin but it wasn't really working out. I tried to show my Bank of America pride by drawing the flagscape. Laurel had to erased my drawing and Kelly used her artistic abilities to make it look 1oo% better.

It was fun to see everyone last night and hang out. AND I found out I have at least one faithful blog reader...Thanks Angie for quoting my blog word for word. :)

My Bible Study Girls!

Faithful Blog readers-Angie & Linds

These girls love to say things that embarrass me!


The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

I too am a faithful blog reader Gibbs. Maybe not a faithful blogger...but definitely a faithful blog reader :)

Lora said...
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Amy said...

Oh I love these photos! So sad that I had to miss the annual party and being with all the Bible Study ladies... boo hoo hoo. Y'all are just real cute.