Sunday, June 8, 2008

You're my boy blue...

I took a little unintentional break from blogging so I need to play catch up now. Last weekend, I got to meet up with my West Girls for dinner. Meg, Tara, Nathan, Melissa and Matt met Mike and I for dinner at Birkdale Village. This was a chance to celebrate Tara's birthday a little early, catch up on life and for them to meet Mike (aka size him up)!
Unfortunately, Abs was out of town and had to miss're my boy blue!!!!

We met at Brixx and had a great time. It's hard to be
lieve that I have been best friends with these girls for so many years. The five of us have been best friends for about 11 years. Some of my favorite memories are shared with these girls. It has been really exciting to see the different paths the Lord has led each of us on. Regardless of our path, we remain faithful friends and sisters.
I could not imagine my life without these girls. Its about time to get out the "five year plan" isn't it?!?! :)
More memories to come...
Here are a few pictures of us and my sad attempt to make Tara her favorite cake!

PS- they liked Mike :)

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