Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 1-Family Time

I left early Friday morning and headed to the beach house. When I arrived, I put on my suit, checked my email (imagine that), grabbed a beer and headed to the beach.

I laid out and played in the ocean by myself...yes I'm a loser but enjoyed every second of it!

When I got back from the beach, the rest of my family arrived. I cannot believe how much Nate has grown in a month! He is crawling all over the place and he has 4 new teeth.

While Em and Greg unpacked, Bones and I played with Nate. He is obsessed with cell phones, so I brought him my old one. He was fascinated with the cell phone and Lora's beer can (yes we started drinking early).

After dinner, Nana and pops took Nate for a walk so the kids could hang out. Em, Lora, Greg and I got several beers and headed out on the front porch. Greg got on the swing with me and began to "question" me about Mike. Em and Lora sat on the rockers and chimed in when Greg let them. Typical night at the beach house...front porch, beers and laughing about nothing!

It was a great start to our beach trip!

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Mary Leigh and Nick said...

bud select- at least let the poor guy drink something good!