Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Pooks

Thursday night Kel and I got to have a girls night which we haven't done in a while! We left work early and headed to Birkdale Village. We intended to go to one store but ended up going to about a dozen. We had a great time buying clothes and catching up on life!

We decided to stop at the mall on the way home and get a few more things. When we were leaving, we saw a crazy man in the trees with binoculars. We called the police and told them to look for the man in the trees. Kelly said we needed to call the police and save all the little children! That was our good deed for the year.

Our final stop was 131 Main to pick up our WEDGE SALADS for dinner!!!!
Yes, we have a slight obsession with wedge salads. We enjoyed a glass of wine and our salads.
I love hanging out with my pooks!!

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