Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Arrival

The SILVER BULLET has arrived...

I finally found a bike and purchased it this weekend. I spent forever at the bike shop talking to the sales guy and told him everything I don't want in a bike. In the end, my bike has everything I said I didn't want. But that's okay, because I love it!

I tried to talk him into putting the "beach cruiser" seat on my bike but it was a no-go. He told me to suck it up and buy padded shorts instead.

The bike will be stored inside my house and I have the lock ready to go if needed.
The best news is...It came assembled so Mike didn't have to put it together!
Here is the new beauty...

1 comment:

Amy said...

Love the new bike... its a real beaut clark! Can't wait until I get a bike and we can ride around together, good times.

AND, you man still needs to me ROSS! We can't come Thursday night, but when can we rendezvous?!?