Friday, May 9, 2008

My Favorite Things

I was flipping through the channels and came across the Sound of Music the other day. They were in the middle of the song "My Favorite Things." I started thinking about my favorite things and of course a top 20 list was born! These things make me happy/excited/ them all!!!
1. The Lord
2. Family & Friends & O'Malley
3. coffee
4. Blankies (yes I am admitting this one)
5. coupons
6. sunsets
7. peanut butter m&m's
8. Reality TV
9. snuggling
10. taking pictures
11. magazines
12. the beach
13. cornhole
14. laughing
15. cooking
16. traveling
17. chap stick
18. pedicures
19. the lake
20. P. Allen

There are a million more things I could write down, but I thought I would limit myself. What are your favorite things? What are you grateful for? Take time to relish the positive things in your life instead of being consumed by all the negatives. Life is good!

1 comment:

Lora said...

I am surprised you didn't list working out or getting up EARLY! Geez this post was at 5:30 AM...

I agree with many of the things on your list, but not pedicures. Em and I had a bad experience last time we went to Mom's place in Clemmons. I couldn't watch when the guy worked on poor Em. There was a tool involved.