Tuesday, May 13, 2008

bye bye blue bullet...

Well I was planning to blog about my wonderful weekend or an amazing message I heard at church on Sunday. (guess those will be later)
Instead, I feel the need to share the events that took place tonight.

After work, Kelly and I decided to go on our first official bike ride. We pumped our tires, tighted our helmets and set out for some laughs. We biked until our thighs burned (only about 3.5 miles but who's counting). We got home and and started preparing for "family dinner night." Monday's have always been "family dinner nights." So Robby grilled out and we (Kel, Robby, Robby's dad, me and Mike) all had a great dinner and adult beverages.

After dinner, Mike and I went across the lawn to Fowler and Pat's house for 15 minutes. We then headed back to my house...again, across the lawn. We got to my front door and we noticed my bike was not there. I started to laugh and figured Kelly took both of our bikes in the house. I talked to Kel and Robby and they took her bike in the house about 5 minute prior. Then we see my helmet about 2 doors down, sitting on the side walk.

YES, you guessed it...the blue bullet was stolen tonight. I had my one and only great ride on it and someone decided they wanted to share that same experience. (they just forgot to ask my permission) I called the police and reported the incident, not that anything will come of it.

I didn't have a breakdown (yet) because I knew it was mostly my fault for leaving it outside for even that amount of time. Yes I am pissed that i spent that money and now I have nothing to show for it...but what can you do?!?!

So I guess the blue bullet and I were not meant to be. The only thing the little punk(s) left me was the amazing youth helmet I bought for my pea head. How thoughtful of them to leave it behind for me...

That was my night...
RIP blue bullet...I saw a great future for us together but it just wasn't meant to be.

(yes, please notice it is almost 1am and I'm blogging about my stolen bike...sad)


(Emily Givens) said...

I cannot believe a hoodlum stole the blue bullet! That sucks! That'll teach you to be so trusting of everyone and your surroundings though (sorry)!

So are going to buy a blue bullet #2??

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

Becky this SUCKS. Our hood is the serious hood. At least you didn't get shot at the Shell. Do you know the 'Pink Bike Lady' in Winston? That is my bike. I do not lie. Don't try to rob me of my claim to fame. But I will tell you the story later. I will pray for the evil person...I mean sad soul...who stole your bike that it will come to good use like my pink bike. :)