Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The blue bullet is coming

I'm finally ready to begin training for my first Triathlon. After weeks of contemplation and talking to every bike rider I know (which is only about 5 people), I purchased a bike. I would like to thank uncle Sam for depositing the unexpected tax return into my account a week early.

Some of my "bike friends" will probably tell me I bought the wrong bike and should have bought a nicer one. I stayed on the safe side this time and if I really enjoy this triathlon, I can buy a professional bike later.
"The blue bullet" was shipped today, so hopefully she will be here by this weekend. All you Charlotte folks, please be more cautious driving over the next few weeks as I will be re-learning to ride a bike.

Someone told me the other day I was going to have to wear a wetsuit during the race. I about flipped out and had flashbacks to my Young Life trip to Colorado during High School. We arrived at the river in Denver to begin our amazing whitewater rafting adventure. I stood in line to get my wetsuit and when it was my turn, they only had XS left. Now, I have never been an XS and I will never be one. By the grace of God and with the help of my dear Mel-Mel, I peeled myself into that wetsuit. I should dig up a picture so everyone can laugh at me!
Needless to say, I have a healthy fear of wetsuits. Come to find out, we will not be wearing them in the triathlon. (THANK GOD!)

Tomorrow (Wed.) Kelly and I are taking our first stab at swimming laps. I haven't swam laps since the "poop" incident 6 months ago. No I didn't poop in the pool, but apparently someone else decided it was a good idea. I was peacefully swimming laps when the lifeguard told me I had to get out for a little bit while they cleaned pooped out of the pool. She said it would only take a few and I could get back in. I thanked her and walked my wet self right out of there and have never been back. I have a good feeling about this next pool adventure with Kelly. I just hope we get some laps in and don't end up laughing the entire time.

I'm sure the next few months will be very interesting as I begin to really train. I expect everyone to come out and cheer us on during the big race!

I'll leave you with a little picture of "the blue bullet"...she's a beauty!

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Melissa said...

You were a sexy lady in that wet suit! Congrats on the bike & triathalon training, i'll be praying for you :) mel-mel