Sunday, April 27, 2008

Queen's Cup

Saturday was my first official horse race...
Things I learned about myself-

1-I pee a lot

2-I don't care if I'm in a dress or not, I will still get out of the car
and pee in the woods
3-I have zero
patience's for traffic
4- I say "literally" too much

I love mimosas
6- I don't like to wear sunscreen and I'm sure it will come back and kill me one day

7- I should never gamble because I will lose
every time

We loaded up the coolers and headed to the race on Saturday morning. It's right outside Charlotte so I didn't think it would take very long to get there. Well I was wrong and once we got on the two lane road, my
patience's were gone. I had to pee so bad and we were sitting in traffic for the longest time. I decided to do what any normal lady would do, get out of
the car and pee in the woods. duh! I was a much happier person after that so it was completely worth it. The race was a ton of fun. It ended up being a gorgeous day filled with drinking, eating, new friends and relaxing in the sun. Every horse I bet on lost, so it's probably a sign I should never gamble.

Side note- I got to hang out with some old friends this weekend and it was so much fun! Good
ol' Kasper came int
o town along with Jude Noel, Brendan Ward, Mark Riney and Jeremy Span. WOW! We all hung out at Peyton's house on Friday night. We all sat around drank beer and reminisced about funny middle school and high school stories. The highlight of the night was when Kasper and I dominated in cornhole. I love beating people at cornhole!!

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment...

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Sara Jane said...

How fun! I love going to the races! Maybe next year I can check out the Queens Cup.