Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Trashy TV

Everyone knows I love to watch TV. I think there's something in the Gibbs genes that makes us love watching reality shows. (thanks BethAnn)
I would consider myself someone who has good taste in many things. But I'm starting to reconsider my television taste.

So last night, Mike and I had just finished watching The Hills. He posed a question that went something like this, "what shows do you normally like to watch during the week?"
Easy question one might think, but I was stumped and didn't know how to respond. After I thought about it, here are the shows that came to mind.

The following shows are all ones I have watched recently and/or DVR regularly:
John & Kate Plus 8
Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane
High School Confidential
Little People, Big World
Girls Next Door
The Hills
Rob & Big
Real World
Biggest Loser
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Grey's (Starting this Thursday)

This is just a list of regular shows. I also always watch HGTV and Food Network religiously. After reading this list, I am sure I have lost respect from most people!! Can you believe all the trash/reality TV shows I watch.
Disclaimer- I still have DVRed shows from January and I know I need to delete them.

After realizing how many shows watch, I have decided I am losing brain cells daily. I do have a good excuse why I watch each show though! Maybe I should start dropping shows and reading more. Or maybe I should just watch the history channel...that might make me feel more intelligent.
Can people make a new years resolution in April? Well I might be the first person...


Lora said...
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emilygivens4 said...

Or if you want to be a HUGE dork, watch BookTV (C-span 3) like your other brother-in-law. (Why did Lora and I both marry dorks by the way??)

In all seriousness, do people trying to get smarter really watch TV? I don't think so. I defend my love for reality TV by saying it's for pure entertainment value, and to relax. Everyone deserves a break! (Especially you, who's always on the go-go-go.)

PS I can't believe you watch "Little People, Big World." Midgets scare me!!