Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby Dedication

Please note, this is the 3rd post for the month...wahooo!!

Saturday was a special day for our little family.  We had Anderson "dedicated" at Elevation in front of our family and friends.  A few people have asked why we didn't baptize A and why they didn't put water on his head. 
For one, Elevation doesn't baptize children in front of the church and sprinkle water over their heads...that's just not their style.  There are way too many babies at all the different campus' that it would take years to baptize all the little ones.
Instead, Elevation chooses to host "baby dedication celebrations" twice a year at each campus.

On Saturday afternoon, we headed uptown to the Levine Museum of the New South.  Each family had their own table and we joined by my parents, Mike's parents and grandparents.  They sat Anderson's BFF, Mac, right beside our table so we were able to share the fun with the Bruce Family.  It also helped entertain Anderson during the event.  He adores Emerson and watched her and giggled through the whole thing.

Our campus pastor, Joel, did a great job hosting the event.  He prayed for the kids, gave a short talk and then it was time for each family to read their letter to their table.  We were asked to write a letter to our child and it was such an emotional experience for us.  Mike and I took a lot of time over the past few weeks writing and editing the letter.  We decided to write the letter and give it to Anderson when he graduates high school.  Just the thought that our baby will one day graduate high school was enough to send me over the edge.  
Mike read the letter to "Anderson" and our entire table and everyone sobbed the whole way through.  Attractive, I know.  
We are dedicating to raise him in the church and will continue to pray over his life and the man he will become.  Ultimately it is his decision whether he wants to follow Jesus.  Regardless, we will continue to love and raise our little Munch just as the the Lord has called us to do.

After the tears, it was time for family pictures, lots of yummy treats and playtime with Mac.

Our FAVORITE ekidz volunteer, Jenny.  She takes such great care of these boys
 He is about to attack

All the family headed back to our house for dinner and playtime after the dedication.  Anderson was very excited to get so much attention from everyone.  He decided to surprise us and chow down on my corn on the cob and had a few bites of potato salad.  Crazy little boy!

The baby dedication certificate and letter will remain in Anderson's memory box until his high school graduation.  It was a special day that filled me with so much thanks for our son, our church and of course our wonderful families!

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