Friday, June 7, 2013

11 Months


You are 11 months old and full of spunk.  Your personality is really shinning through these days.  We can tell you are funny, smart and have a very short attention span.  You love to laugh at yourself...or maybe your imaginary friends. 
You had a very busy month of travel, trying new foods and experiencing new things.

For Mother's Day weekend, we took our first family trip to the beach to Ocean Isle.  You loved the beach from the minute we put you in the sand.  You crawled straight to the ocean, ate sand and smiled the whole time.

We came home from the beach a night early, so we could attend Elevation on Mother's Day.  You and Dad took me to breakfast at a family favorite, Owens bagels.  It was your first bagel experience and you chowed down.  You also gave me lots of cards and sweet gift card to the Ritz spa.  You know how to make your momma happy!

We had a photo shoot at Beth's house in order to get a picture for your birthday invitation.  One weekend during the month, it rained the whole weekend.  I was going nuts being inside so I decided we were going to the mall to walk.  Once at the mall, I broke down and did something I said I would never do...let you ride in one of those "carts".  I disinfected the heck out of it and you don't seem to have gotten any weird diseases.  Let me tell you, that car/cart was the highlight of your entire life.  You LOVED it!

You have tried so many new foods this past month...watermelon, hush puppies, corn on the cob, rice, beans, banana pancakes, turkey sausage, pizza, bagels, peanut butter & jelly sandwich, butter and cheese puffs.  carbs much?!?!

Your list of "firsts" keeps growing and growing.  We have spent every free moment at the pool and you are so happy there.  You went to the lake for the first time and loved playing in the sand and swimming in the water.  You also got to go on your first boat ride.  You looked so stinkin cute in your big ol' life jacket.  You continue to take more and more steps on your own.  You took about 10 steps on your own and we think you will start walking any day. 
Your vocabulary is growing as well!  New words this month were MA-MA (woot woot!!!!), Della, again and ball.

Anderson, you are growing like a weed and we love you so much.

 11 Month Stats:

Weight- I think around 20 lbs
Length-31 inches (we think)
Clothes-12 month
Eating-4 bottles a day and 3 meals
Naps-napping twice a day (usually 1-2.5 hours each)
Night time-6:30pm-6:30/7:00 am

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Emily G. said...

that last pic of him will forever be one of my faves!!! great post!