Friday, May 10, 2013

1st Family Beach Trip

Hey, it's me, the worst blogger since becoming a mom. We are at the beach having a grand ol' time and I figured now was the perfect time to get a quick memory on the blog. I also just realized I never hit "publish" on Anderson's 10 month post- oops!

I started feeling bad on Monday and knew a cold or sinus infection was fast approaching. We prayed really hard and I took lots of meds so I would begin to feel better. Thursday rolled around and I was feeling about the same. We decided to head to the beach around lunch and hopefully the salt air would make me feel better. The trip down couldn't have gone better (hopefully I'm not jinxing the trip home). Anders played and talked for the 1st hour and a half. Then fussed off and on for about 30 minutes. He was so tired but didn't want to give up. Finally he passed out and slept for about 45 minutes. The rest of the trip, he played and watched his first episode of Caliou. I couldn't figure out what to download on the iPad and then thought I remembered Nate or Abby watching that show. It was 22 minutes of pure joy! It kept his attention and he was smiling and laughing the whole time.

When we got to the beach, mike unloaded while we played. Then it was time for the BEACH! The beach was across the street so we threw everything in the stroller and walked over.

We weren't sure what his reaction to the sand/ocean/breeze would be so I had the camera ready!
From the minute he touched the sand, he loved it. He crawled right to the ocean, played in the sand and could not eat enough sand. We let him sand in the ocean water but he started crying after a few minutes bc it was so cold. He was covered in sand and didn't seem to mind. I actually hate getting sandy so this will be interesting for me.
Disclaimer- he had tons of sunscreen on plus a shirt and hat most of the quit your judging!

Nothing could be better than open-mouth, sand filled kisses from my little munch.

We let him crawl, walk and play on the beach before heading home to swing and go to bed.

It was a successful first day and I actually started feeling better on the beach!

One of my best friends, Tara, and her daughter, Charlotte, are coming today!! I am so excited for Anderson and Charlotte to swim (float) in the pool and play on the beach. More pictures to come...

Happy Friday!

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Lora Gibbs said...

Thank goodness we have another beach bum in the family! Tell A that because of him I HAVE to come to the beach now in June :)

Emily G. said...

Yay Auntie Bones is coming!!! :) Thanks Anderson for being super cute and putting her over the edge. Keep it up.

I laughed out loud at the "I don't being sandy" part. Yeah me neither you have to get over it when you're a mom! :)

Looking forward to the Gibbs family beach trip EVEN MORE now, if that was even possible. Can we just stay for a whole month!?

PS You are not the worst mom blogger, that title goes to Ellen. Let me know if she responds to that, ha!