Sunday, January 27, 2013

Little Shrimp Class

Back in October (right when we moved back to NC), I started researching different places that offer swim lessons for babies/kids.  I knew I wanted him in swim lessons before he turned 1, but wasn't really sure if it would be a "fun" experience or not.  My mom had each of us in swim lessons when we were really young...all under the ages of 1, I think.  I'm going to attribute our love for anything pool, lake or beach to those early swim lessons.

I talked to my friend, Whitney, to see if she and Austin wanted to join us for lessons.  Of course she was already researching and we decided on a class together!  The first week, I was a little nervous about the whole experience.  Being the neurotic new mother that I am, I wanted it to go perfect...getting there on time, no messy diapers in the pool, no fear of the pool, minimal crying, lots of smiles and of course meeting lots of new friends.  Thankfully the good Lord gifted us with such a great experience.  

We showed up a few minutes late thanks to the wrong time being posted on the website, but we jumped right in and joined the rest of the class.  Anderson's face was a little stunned when we got into the pool because it wasn't as warm as his bath.  But he did great the entire class!  No tears, a few smiles and he was very relaxed the entire time.  Whitney and I had fun with the boys in the pool while our husbands were on the pool deck snapping pictures.

We've now been to 3 lessons and each week gets better.  I might be having more fun than Anderson but that's no surprise.  This past Saturday was "under water exploration"...aka we get to dunk our kids!!  I have been so excited about this lesson because I wanted to see his reaction and get him used to going under.  Thankfully Whit was just as excited as me and I think we were the first ones to dunk our kids when the time came.  Austin and Anderson did AWESOME!!  I think I pulled Anderson underwater at least 6 times during/after class and there wasn't a single tear shed.  Either he was in shock (potentially) or the dumping water all over his head during bath time paid off!  At the end of class, Miss Beth and Mr. Dean came by to see our little fish.  Anderson showed them how he could go under and float on his back.

Regardless how the rest of the swim lessons go, I think this has been a fun "winter" activity for us.  I have even noticed that he kicks and splashes more during our bath time.  Apparently he is getting something out of the swim lessons!  
I know he will be in the pool a ton this summer with us, Miss Beth or Ellen and I really want him to be comfortable in the water.  You never know, he might just be floating around the pool all by himself this summer. HAHA!

Here are a few pictures from the first lesson- please disregard me in all the pictures.

Happy after the swim lesson!

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Emily G. said...

1. so proud of A! he already swims better than both of my kids.
2. love the UNC shirt! :)