Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Deedee!

Today would have been Deedee's 88th birthday.  Our sweet grandma passed away on January 21st after being in the hospital for a few weeks.  I have no doubt she is already barking orders and planning a party with all her family in heaven.

Deedee (as we called her) was always our "crazy" grandma and provided us with a lot of laughter.  But truth be told, I am like her in so many ways.  She was the best bargain hunter, hands down.  When I would visit her in Ohio, we would go garage and estate sale hoping every Saturday and boy would she haggle.  She knew what she wanted (even if it was junk) and made sure to get a good deal.  

Her sense of style was a little different than ours, but boy did she make a statement.  If she could have bedazzled every pair of shoes she owned, you better believe she would have done it in a heart beat.  She loved costume jewelry and my very patient dad would take her shopping ALL.THE.TIME so she could add to her collection.  She once bought me a Vera Wang wedding dress when I was probably 18 years old.  It was nice of her, granted a little early, but I soon realized it was a size 2 (which I was born larger than a size 2) and had a stain on it.  Nice thought, huh!
Every Christmas we would get RANDOM presents that Deedee had shopped for throughout the year.  She would buy presents, wrap them and forget what she bought us.  It was a secret game that my sisters and I liked to play...who will get the best gift from Deedee this year.

A few of my favorites included: kimono, snowman & Christmas tree dickies, stripped sweater dress, poncho winter coat, NASCAR jacket and tarnished serving spoon.  Yes, these were all so funny but we knew she gave them out of love.  Even though we laughed at all these random gifts, she made sure to give some really meaningful ones as well.  Deedee wrote down a few of her recipes that loved  so I would have a recipe card with her handwriting, her secret pound cake recipe, her engagement ring and wedding band and an old handkerchief to have on my wedding day with a handwritten note in case she wasn't around.
I brought Anderson to meet Deedee when he was 2.5 months old.  She didn't understand who he was, but it sure made her happy to hold a baby. Deedee always held a special place in my heart and I really loved her crazy self.  We always had a good time dancing, shopping or just being us.

Deedee, we love you and miss you daily.  In honor of your birthday, I will buy a pack of teaberry gum and eat a moon pie! 


Erin said...

great tribute to deedee!

Emily G. said...

thanks for making me cry, sis!!

p.s. if you never have a daughter, I'm gonna need deedee's handkerchief and note back for abby's wedding dress. thanks! :)