Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas #2

Well, looks like I forgot to write about Christmas #2.  I better do it now while it's on my mind or I will forget again and never do it.

We headed to Clemmons December 26th to start the Gibbs Family traditions.  My parents hosted all the West girls, husbands and kids for drinks and appetizers that afternoon.  It was so fun to get all the babies together, meet baby Charlotte for the 1st time and catch up with my sweet friends.  Gus wasn't feeling well so Meg didn't make it over to the house.  It took longer than normal to get some decent pictures of us and the kids, but it was well worth it.
That evening, Em's family arrived and we began my birthday celebration.  We all hung out at the house, ate pizza, drank and ended the night with birthday cake.

Making the same face as Aunt Tara
 Maggie was so sweet with the babies

 Anderson is about to eat Charlotte
 Abbey with her babes
 West Girls minus our Megs and Gus

 Caught Miss A stealing a piece of candy off the cake

The next morning we woke up and had "Christmas morning".  We had a delicious breakfast, opened presents and took lots of pictures.  I have to say, Christmas is so much more fun because of the kids.  I love seeing how excited they get when they open presents.  Anderson loved all the paper and toys but then was done and ready for nap time.

Anderson is so excited about more presents

 Poppy and his grandbabies
We spent the rest of the day playing with toys, hanging out and then helping with dinner.  John and Mike fried a turkey during the afternoon and it was a big hit with the family.  Let's be honest, Lora and John really cooked most of the dinner items and they were OH SO DELICIOUS!  

 Abby feeding A for the 1st time
 indoor jungle gym...Abby is yet again rubbing Anderson's bald head
 Anderson loves Uncle Greg
 After dinner, we attempted to play Mexican Train Dominos but it was a disaster.  Not naming any names (BETHANN), but it was taking forever and apparently we had all consumed too many adult beverages.  Game night ended early and we all went to bed.
 favorite picture from Christmas...please notice Bones' face
We headed back to Huntersville the next morning to unpack more boxes.  Em was nice enough to come and help unpack and work her organization magic.  We also got to have some girl time at Ikea and shop without the kiddos.

I was sad to see Christmas end because I love hanging out with my family.  But thankfully we took a million pictures and mad a lot more memories.

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Emily G. said...

agreed....xmas is SO much more fun now b/c of the kiddos. and it will just get better! :)

love the pic of the west girls and babies. damn meg for not showing, ha!