Thursday, January 10, 2013

6 Months


Happy 6 Months!  I'm late again but you will just need to get used to that.
You have had such a fun month and have grown so much.  Thankfully you are a rolling champ and that doesn't wake you up at night anymore.  You now do circles in your crib, pull on the bumpers and try to pull yourself up.
You aren't crawling yet but I keep thinking it will be soon.  You get on all fours and rock back and forth.  When you are sitting, you lean forward and rock in hopes you will move closer to your toys.  Your new favorite thing to do is stand at your activity table or stand while holding our hands.  You reach for our hands or flap your hands/arms in the air until we grab your hands and let you stand.  You spend most of your day sitting on the floor playing with all your toys.  You're still enjoying your jumper and walks in the stroller.

You have continued to eat most of the same foods this past month, I think I forgot to introduce new foods to you.  I'm making all your baby food and tend to make things that are convenient for me (sorry).  You are eating: apples, bananas, pears, prunes, mango, raspberries, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash and avocado.  I need to introduce more greens into your life soon.
This next month you are going to start getting more "real" food (thanks Ellen for all the advice!)

You are laughing and talking more and more everyday.   Of course I try and practice ma-ma everyday with you but you just laugh hysterically at me.  You mastered "sitting" right after you turned 5 months and it has been great.  When you get bored of sitting, you roll around on the ground for awhile and then want to stand.

You went on a food strike right when you turned 5 months.  It was mainly because you were "stopped up", we think, but after a week it got better.  You still aren't taking as many bottles as I would like but we are going to change things up this month and see what happens.  Let's be honest, you would just prefer real food as opposed to your bottle.  Every time you see us eating, you open your mouth and lurch towards the food.  I can't wait until your teeth come in so I can give you more table food.

There were a lot of activities this month: first Christmas tree, meeting Santa, Uncle Tim's wedding, first solo sleepover at Nanny's house, moving (hopefully this will be the house you grow up in),  Christmas x3, and lots of cousin time.  You did great with everything and it didn't seem to disrupt your schedule at all.
I took off 2.5 weeks over the holidays and we got in some great 1:1 time.  We are so thankful that you are an easy and happy baby (most of the time).

6 Month Stats:
Weight- 17.8lbs (50% percentile)
Length-28 1/2 inches (95% percentile)
Clothes- Mostly 6 months but those are getting too short.  busting out the 9month clothes
Eating-cereal/baby food for breakfast & dinner and then a few bottles a day
Naps-Your still a pretty good napper (anywhere from a 1-3 hour nap twice a day)
Night time-6:30pm-7:15am

This has been another fun month to watch you grow and develop.  
We love you sweet boy! 

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