Sunday, December 9, 2012

5 Months


Happy 5 Months...a few days late.  I'm really good about taking your picture each month, but not so good about writing the post.  Most months I have said, "this is my favorite month thus far". Well this month I might not say it, but I still love you.
We had a "rough" few weeks this month as you learned to roll from your stomach to back.  It was great in theory until you did it in the middle of the night and woke yourself up.  The first few nights, you woke up on your back and freaked out because you had no idea what happened.
This lasted less than 2 weeks but it felt like 2 years.  A few days before you turned 5 months, you learned to roll over both ways- PRAISE THE LORD!!  You began rolling all around and would play/talk in your crib if you woke up but went back to sleep.

You have been introduced to more foods this month: avocado, sweet potato, peas, carrots, apples, bananas and more prunes than you ever thought possible.  You have had a lot of prune juice and prunes to get things moving.  You still don't love cereal, but I'm making you eat it for another month then will only do solids.

Your favorite past time this month was the "jumper".  We were going to buy a new one on amazon and someone told us they had an almost new one at a consignment store down the street for 75% less.  I was sold right there and sent daddy there the very same day.  You would be happy if we left you in that thing all day long.  You are laughing and talking more and more and are "trying" to crawl.  You do the wiggle/swim on the floor and try to move but don't go anywhere.  I think it will happen within the month but that is purely a guess.  You had a lot of bumbo time this month so you could work on your neck strength and holding up those cheeks.  You are also sitting on the floor by yourself for about 30 seconds before you fall to one side. Your feet were found this month!  If you aren't sucking your fingers, you are grabbing your feet and trying to put them in your mouth.  Good thing you get a bath every night!

You have 2 teeth that the doctor said are about to pop through in the next few weeks.  You are still a pretty good napper.  Miss Beth says most days you are napping 2 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon.  You used to sleep for 30 minutes on our ride home, but that is hit or miss now.  You usually just talk and play on the ride home.

Bedtime is still 6:30pm because you can't last much longer than that.  You get so excited when we take your clothes off, it is hilarious.  You do a "happy dance" and get this funny expression on your face.  Our favorite time of day is always the morning when we walk into your room.  You smile and laugh when you see us.  You are 100% a morning person right now.

You are getting back to your normal 12 hour sleep habits at night, but have had a few middle of the night interruptions.  You are currently on a bottle strike and are waking up around 5am hungry.  You usually eat a bottle and then go back to sleep.  I just wish you would realize this wasn't a 24 hour restaurant and stop refusing your bottles during the day.  More on that during your 6 month post. 

Since you are teething, your 2 fingers are always in your mouth.  You will usually fall asleep with them in your mouth as well.  You still aren't terribly interested in the paci but will take it once in a while to settle your self in the car seat or our arms.

5 Month Stats:
Weight- 16lbs 5 oz (you gained 2 pounds this month!)
Length- def gotten longer but they didn't measure you at the doc this month
Clothes- Mostly wearing 6 month tops and 3-6 month pants. 
Eating-cereal/baby food in evening, bottle every 4 hours or when you decide you aren't on strike
Naps-2 hour morning nap, 1-2 hour afternoon nap
Night time-6:30pm-7/7:30am (a few weeks of waking up once or twice in the night b/c you flipped over.  Thank goodness that is over)

We love watching your personality develop each day.  I can tell your 6th month of life is going to be really fun!!
We love you sweet boy! 

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Lora Gibbs said...

Is it bad to say I am glad that A won't be a blob at Christmas? :) We have to do a where's waldo pic with him... it's tradition! Can't wait to see you guys!