Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa Time

We decided to make a day out of Anderson's first Santa experience.  Both sets of grandparents were nice enough to drive and meet us for lunch, play with Anderson and then wait in line for Santa.  We got there right after they opened and the line wasn't terribly long.  But the place was NOT very efficient.  I wanted to go and talk to the manager about how they could get more kids through, make more money and have a much better experience for people.  But instead, I just complained that it was taking forever and didn't want A to have a meltdown.  Can't you tell motherhood has made me more patient...NOT!
When it was finally our turn, Anderson sat on Santa's lap and started smiling from ear to ear.  He is such a poser and I love it!  It probably helped that 2 sets of grandparents and his own parents were making him smile.
After I picked him off Santa's lap and handed him to Mike's mom so I could wait to see the pictures.  About 30 seconds later, he spit up ALL.OVER.HER!  I couldn't help but bust out laughing!!  I wanted to give him a high five for waiting to spit up until after we got several cute pictures.  Way to go, A.

It was definitely a fun day and we were really thankful there were lots of extra hands to entertain Anderson.  Not sure he will be as happy next year when he meets Santa but at least we had one successful year!

Anderson gets so excited when he sees Nanny!


Emily G. said...

love the pics!!!!!!!!!! and hilarious about the spit-up! though I'm not sure robyn thought so....

Lora Gibbs said...

such a happy cute baby! counting the day until Clemmons time :)