Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy TWO Year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my boo!  It has been a crazy and full year with so many great memories.  
We (me) got pregnant, we both continued to travel non-stop for work, took some fun trips, made lots of memories with dear friends, bought a house in Knoxville, almost made me move to Texas,  took a job in Charlotte and put that recently bought house back on the market....just to name a few!

Through it all, we have continued to follow the challenge Nathan gave us on our wedding day and follow the 3 C's.
1. Never stop COMMUNICATING with each other. Even after long days and when we are angry.
2. Never stop CONFIDING in each other. Remain best friends with Jesus first and then each other, keeping the freedom to confide fully & without shame.
3. Never stop COURTING each other. Your family & job are demanding but continue to date each other.

Mike arranged for us to have a date night tonight complete with a babysitter!  Anderson loves Brenda (he is a sucker for spanish speaking women) and I know he will be just fine.  I might have an extra glass of wine at dinner so I'm not stressed about leaving my 7 week old.  But I am counting down the hours until I get to dress up, not smell like spit up and have a quiet dinner alone with my husband.
 Happy 2 Year Anniversary to my best friend and partner! 
**we had 2 showings today and 1 of the couples is coming back tomorrow for a 2nd look.  Praying that "2" is a lucky number and our house sells quickly!


Emily G. said...

happy anniversary to one of the best couples I know! you two are lucky to have each other and I'm so excited for all the adventures that lie ahead.

enjoy your date night tonight and HELL YES have an extra glass of wine! you deserve it momma! (and I will pray that A has another 10 hr stretch so you can sleep well, ha!)

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

Happy anniversary! Can't believe it has been two years already!