Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Road Trip

Last week, we took our first family road trip.  It is no surprise that I was a little anxious about how the trip would turn out considering Anderson isn't in love with his car seat.  
We hit the road Friday at noon and Anderson fell right to sleep.  We stopped about halfway through the trip so I could feed Anderson and he could stretch.  I tried to have "playtime" once he hit the road again and Anderson was out 5 minutes later.  He basically slept the entire trip and was ready for family time when we arrived in Tuscaloosa.
 Mom couldn't get her hands on A fast enough and Abby was not far behind.  It was so precious to see how much Abby loved on Anderson the whole weekend.  She is so motherly already and couldn't stop touching, kissing and singing to him.  Abby sings "Jesus loves me" 24/7 (seriously) and loved singing it to Anderson...or anyone that will listen.
Friday night we all hung out and ate a delicious meal that Em cooked.  We headed back to the hotel that evening to set up the pack'n'play and put the little nugget to bed.

 Cousin make-out session
 Lora is seriously the best aunt ever and of course the kids love her!
 We all had a good night and woke up ready for Nate's 5th birthday party.  Nate's party was Power Ranger themed and Em did a great job as usual with all the decorations.  I was on camera duty part of the time and tried to capture Nate and all his friends having a ball.  Lora, Mike and mom were great about entertaining Anderson so I could take pictures.  

Near the end of the party, Mike and I headed back to Em's house to put Anderson down for a nap  (schedule nazi over here).  For the rest of the afternoon, we just relaxed at Em's house and watched Nate open all his gifts.  He was so cute opening the gifts.  He got so excited about each gift and took his time to open the gift, play with it and then move on to another one.  That evening, we all headed to Iguana Grill for dinner and it was so good.  My sisters made me drink a little too much so I could loosen up and relax!  We passed Anderson around as usual and tried to over stimulate him so he would sleep really well.

Sunday morning we hit the road to head back to Knoxville.  Anderson did a great job again and slept almost the whole way.  I'm hoping he got the memo that we like to travel and he needs to get used to it.

I always love hanging out with my family and it was nice to get out of town for the weekend.  I can't wait to do it again in 2 weeks!!!  Labor Day can't get here soon enough.


Emily G. said...

I can't believe YOU actually blogged about N's party before me! Shocker! :)

Loved seeing all 3 of you this weekend; thank you again for making the trip. Abby keeps asking when "Baby Anwerson" is coming back :)

The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

Hooray! You did it, one road trip down! All the kids are so cute and you look great!!!

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