Friday, September 7, 2012

2 Months

Happy 2 Months, Anderson!
It's been a busy month for you...travels, new faces, lots of "firsts", more sleep and a much happier momma.

We went to the doctor yesterday morning and you got your first vaccines.  The first one was oral and you gulped it down, then came the 3 shots.  Your chubby face turned bright red and you started screaming like I have never heard before.  You were so pitiful.  Once the shots were over, I scooped you in my arms and you stopped crying.  I am sure the shots hurt (and you were a little shocked) but I think you added a little drama into those screams.  You might not have my looks, but you sure do have some of my personality. 
I loved you the minute you were born, but my love for you has really grown over the past month.  You are sleeping great at night and I really appreciate that.  Every time you smile and giggle, my heart melts.  The next month is going to be really busy for us, so hope you are ready for it!

2 Month Stats:
Weight- 12lbs 5 oz (hoss)- 75% percentile
Length- 24 inches-75% percentile
Eating- taking a bottle at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm and 7:30pm
Naps- 3 naps a day (some good days and some bad ones)
Night time- sleeping 8-11 hour stretches at night

Firsts this Month:
-Road trip to Tuscaloosa, AL
-first Mexican birthday party
-Birthday party for cousin, Nate
-smiled and giggled for the first time
-Met more of your relatives (Ohio Briners)
-went swimming for the first time
-had your first kiss...even if it was from your cousin
-grew another chin :)
-sat in the bumbo
-move from one end of the crib to the other during the night (crazy)
-began making funny faces (example in picture below)
-found your hand and love sucking it
-continue to love sleeping on your stomach (I know, call DSS)



Emily G. said...

great post! Love hearing about all the "firsts"

and I love the "many faces of Anderson!" :)

Bawa Bears said...

shut up with such a good sleeper! i am so jealous when i hear of those. i still have anxiety remembering those times :).

i think the love continues to grow and grow every month as personalities come, and then walking and talking. you'll love all the stages! yay bec!

ps - your word verification is hard! failed 7 times so far...(oh, maybe i didn't realize there were two words hahahah)

Hallie Madewell said...

Glad he's sleeping well for you!
He's such a handsome baby!!! And you KNOW Im loving all those monograms!