Monday, July 16, 2012

Due Date

I can't believe that today was my due date...which means I have an 11 day old baby!  I really thought he would be late and I would have to force him out on July 18th.  Obviously he had plans of his own and I am so glad I got to meet him early.
The last 11 days have been such a learning experience and will continue for the next 18+ years.  I could NEVER have survived and remained sane if it weren't for my mom, sisters and husband.  I think the hardest part about being a new mom is not knowing part.  Mostly, its the not knowing his exact schedule....especially at night.  I LOVE schedules and to be in control so this has been a big adjustment.  My mom said that God is going to use Anderson to teach me to be flexible and relinquish control.

Anderson is proving to be a pretty good baby but of course has his moments.  We are on an every 3 hour feed schedule during the day and he stretches to about 4 hours at night.  I am sure that will change since he seems to be going through a growth spurt already.  I am still in awe of how much he has changed in 11 days.

We are taking this new journey of parenthood one day at a time.  I will probably have my major breakdown once everyone stay tuned!

Here are a few of my favorites from the past 11 days (sorry- picture overload):
 survived the first night of motherhood
 The Moore's came for a visit
 A's coming home outfit was WAY too big
 First family picture at the house
 Uncle Scout & Aunt Scrappy came to visit
 Meeting the Pugh's for the first time
 He loves sleeping on the boppy
 Playtime with Aunt Em
First tummy time
 First bath and massage from Nanny
 Aunt Bones flew into town to meet A
 Nanny, daughters and grandchildren


The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

He is JUST so dang cute! I hate that I haven't gotten to meet him yet and love on him - and you. You are doing great mamas, and I can't wait to get my hands on his little self!

Lora said...

Happy Two Week birthday A! You ready for Mom to leave and be on your own sis? :)