Friday, July 13, 2012

Anderson's Arrival Part II

Both families were hanging out in my room when 2 of my nurses rush into the room at 7:30pm.  Apparently Anderson's heart rate had dropped and set off an alarm at the nurses station.  They had me rotate and lay on my right side and his heart rate quickly stabilized.  They then asked everyone to leave because they thought I was 10cm and it was time to start pushing.
Everyone started grabbing their stuff and rushing out of the room.  Meanwhile, I'm calm as can be just laying in the bed waiting to get my pushing workout on!
The nurse checked me and said I was 10cm and it was time to push.  A few other nurses came into the room to set everything up and then my AMAZING doctor came in as well.  (side note- my doctor lived and worked in Charlotte before and after her residency so that makes me love her even more)

Once the room/equipment was set up, the doctor told me it was time to start pushing.  At 7:42pm, the doctor told me to take a deep breath and give her a long push.  After that push, the doctor said to take a quick breath and give her another push.  Then she said take another breath and once I started to push a third time, she had already pulled Anderson out.  My sweet husband (aka-photographer) did such a great job taking so many pictures.  He got a picture of the clock the second Anderson was born- love him!  
The doctor held up our son and I didn't cry because I was in too much shock that it was over.  I even said to her "wait, is it over"?  She laughed and laid Anderson on my chest.  He had the sweetest cry and the worst cone head.  bless him!

I held him on my chest for a few minutes trying calm him down and get him warm.
Mike cut the umbilical cord and we hung out as a family of 3 for a little bit.  After he was measured, weighed and cleaned up, Mike went to grab our families from the waiting room.
Em and the kids must have run down the hall because they were the first ones in the room...followed by nanny.  We spent the next few hours hanging out with our families, passing around Anderson, eating dinner and taking a million pictures.

By the the time all the nurses left the room, it was 1am and Mike and I were exhausted!  Welcome to the rest of our lives.


Lauren H said...

So glad everything went smoothly with anderson's arrival! Glad you gave me part II, I have been cliff hanging over here!! Anderson is precious and I can't wait to meet him :)

Bawa Bears said...

jealous of that story! but nice to have an easy birth! woohooo.

Hallie Madewell said...

Oh my gosh I'm crying! Ahhh I love birth stories and so happy you had a good one! He's precious!