Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Getting Settled

We are alive and Anderson is still kicking (or doing jumping jacks lately)! I am happy to report that our move was pretty uneventful. The movers managed to handle all our items with care and nothing was broken or damaged.
The first morning we woke up in our house, we heard a DJ playing in our driveway. The
Knoxville Marathon & half-marathon runs right by our house, so our street throws a big party every year. We got dressed and went outside to drink (water for me), cheer on the runners and meet lots of neighbors. This might be the new race that the Gibbs family does every get ready!The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning and unpacking! Mike and I both headed out of town for work trips on Sunday afternoon. When we got back into town on Thursday, the boxes sadly had not unpacked themselves.

My parents came into town Thursday afternoon on their way back from visiting Em and her family. Dad "inspected" the house and kept most comments to himself. It was fun to show them the house and talk to mom about our plans for the nursery. Dad did mention that he thought the house was unsafe for O'Malley and he should just continue to live with them. I think the campaign to keep O'Malley in Clemmons has officially begun. I am SO THANKFUL that my parents love O'Malley so much and have taken such good care of him. We took my parents to Cafe 4 to celebrate mom's big birthday and ended the night with yummy cupcakes!

The rest of the 3 day weekend was spent unpacking more boxes, organizing, spending way too much money at Lowes, yard work for Mike and of course EASTER!
Sunday morning started with "operation wear whatever dress fits". We i
nvited our chronically late friends to church with us and of course were late. When we arrived, the church was full along with all the over flow seating. At the last minute, a sweet old man said he found a seat for us. He led us to the very front of the church where they had set up 4 folding chairs...right smack in front of our pastor. I told Tony it was his punishment for making us late!
After a great service, we headed to the country club for a delicious brunch. Tony & Mike spent the rest of the afternoon golfing while Lauren and I napped and walked along the greenway. After golf, the boys came home with our Easter baskets (guess they came up with the idea on the course) and we were very excited to dig into our goodies. It was a perfect Sunday in my book!
Sweet baby Robert is always so happy!
After the Easter brunch and ALL the candy consumed, I have officially popped. There is a baby in my belly and you can definitely tell! I will be waddling your way in the near future. We are taking our first baby class this Saturday (for 8 hours) then I'm heading to Clemmons for our first baby shower!!

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