Monday, March 12, 2012

So Creative

I had to share this post by one of my friends and teammates, Kara. She is due about 3 weeks after me and it's been fun to go through the same thing together.
Kara's pregnancy story has been several years in the making with many highs and lows. After all she has been through, she deserves the perfect pregnancy and birth story!

Kara and her husband are so creative so I would expect nothing less for their gender reveal. I was patiently checking my email on Friday waiting for it to come through.
Finally, she sent us a link to the video she and her husband, Matt, made.

It is TOO good not to share with everyone. Take a moment to share in their excitement and pray for this little one's future. This is one very lucky little baby!

I'm working in Charlotte this week and I can't wait to give Kara a great big hug and see her tiny belly!

Happy Monday to all!


Kara said...

Can't wait to see you!!

Emily G. said...

super cute!!!