Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Boy, it has been a rollercoaster the past few weeks.
The biggest craziness has come from trying to buy a cute, old house. We were so excited when our offer was accepted and we were going to be able to completely renovate the kitchen, bathrooms and redo the floors. Picking out whatever (within reason) I wanted in a kitchen was a dream come true.
Then the inspection report came back and I was not prepared for the 25+ page report. We met with our realtor to walk through the house & report to figure out the "must fix now list". After a lot of talk and prayer, Mike and I felt like this wasn't a good decision and said we wanted to pull out of the deal. The owner offered us even more money for renovations, but we still didn't have a good "gut feeling". After more talk and prayer, we officially walked away. It was so hard b/c that house was a gem and we could see ourselves loving it. But in the end, we thought it was best to trust our gut and knew the Lord had a another plan.

But, I feel like I'm actually getting a new house without having to pay the mortgage! How you ask, well Robby & Kel are buying a SWEET house in Charlotte. Since I live with them a few times a month, it's like I'm getting a new house too. haha! If only Kel would let me decorate my own room...I'm working on it though.

In between all the house drama, we have had a good few weeks with Knoxville and Charlotte friends. Got to experience some new bars/restaurants in Knoxville, celebrate a 30th birthday, play time with Emerson & wine with Ellen, and a great trip to the Given's house to celebrate mom's birthday. I LOVE playing with my sister's kiddos and want them to stop growing up. Nate and Abby are hysterical and you never know what they will do or say next. Hopefully we will get in lots of playtime before they move to AL.
Enjoy some pictures from the past few weeks.

Miss Hollywood walking with Em & Nanny
Sister time
Sword fight time
This girl seriously loves her jewelry

I could just eat her up!
Our crazy dog enjoys spooning my husband
You know I love free samples...even if it's beer

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The Bruces (but most likely the Mrs.) said...

Hooray, I am so glad you are catching up on here - I've been missing seeing your life in pictures! I am glad you didn't buy a house in Knoxville, it makes be hopeful that you'll move home sooner :)