Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Has anyone heard of this new show?!?

The new series will premiere tonight at 9pm on TLC. Prepare yourself-this show will be intense! I love couponing but I don't think I could ever be that extreme (I hope). I saw a preview a month ago and these people are spending 30+ hours a week finding/researching coupons-WOW! I am going to watch the 1st episode and see if I can handle it. I hope I can learn a few things from these extreme couponers.

My only hang up thus far (since seeing the preview episode), is the stuff they buy JUST to use a coupon. I am not going to buy over 100 candy bars and/or 200 cans of beanie weenies b/c I know I can get them for free. I like a good deal, but not that much.

I'll let you know how the first episode goes...I might get hooked!

Here's the link to read more:


Lora said...

I have known you to buy 5 bags of shredded cheese though... buy 2 get 3 free at the Teeter :)

Lauren H said...

Ha! Becky, I saw this preview on TLC and I too felt the same way. Not sure if I can handle this "extreme-ness" but hopefully I can learn a thing or two! And the 5 bags of shredded cheese is like my favorite deal :)

Adele and Tom said...

I love a coupon and good deal but these people need therapy: