Thursday, April 14, 2011

Road Trippin'

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough. Em & I are hitting the road to meet Lora & mom for our annual Gibbs girls weekend!! We pick a new city/state every year and the destination this year will be good ol' Asheville, NC. We will be enjoying some of our favorite local restaurants (my mouth is watering just thinking about Tupelo Honey), partaking in a wine crawl and who knows what else we will get into. I'm just excited about spending some quality time with my mom and sisters. Happy weekend!

I miss my long hair...and having a tan

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Hallie Madewell said...

OK..I want to be a "Gibbs" so I can go on these super fun trips! I hope ya'll have a FABO TIME! So jealous(in a good way of course), esp of the "wine crawl"!