Monday, November 22, 2010

TN Thanksgiving

In just TWO days, my whole family will arrive in Knoxville for Thanksgiving!! Keeping with tradition, the family is running a 5k race the morning of Thanksgiving.The weather is not looking so "hot" for the race, but a warm krispy kreme donut will make any race better. Yes, it's tradition for us to get one after the race.
It's probably a good thing we are doing the race b/c there will be SO MUCH GOOD FOOD for Thanksgiving. We have been emailing, texting and planning this holiday for months now. (surprise surprise)

We also get to celebrate Dad and Em's birthdays while we are all together. Today is Dad's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPPY-we LOVE you and your crazy self!!!

I'm excited for my family to see Knoxville, our "retirement community", and make crazy memories as usual.

In the mean time, I will be grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning.
Can't wait for Wednesday morning!!!!

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving with friends and family


Lynn said...

So fun!!! You're going to do great! We always run in the Greensboro Gobbler on Thanksgiving's great!

Emily G. said...

It better not be raining on my frickin bday. B/c lord knows I will not be up at 6 am if so. BUT the donut is a VERY good incentive!!


And btw - I feel sorry for you...its quite an ordeal to have everyone take over your house for 3 have no idea what you're getting into....may God be with you haha! :)