Monday, November 29, 2010

Nice while it lasted

Since we live in TN now, I figured there would be numerous Christmas tree farms around. After Mike did a little research, we found out that most of the farms around here don't grow fraser firs-boo! As much as we have been traveling lately, the last thing I wanted to do was hop in the car and drive for hours to a fraser fir farm.
We decided to head down the road to a Christmas tree lot and pick out a tree that was just chopped down. We got a killer deal on a 10 foot tree (they marked the price wrong and I haggled with the old man to get a better deal...shameful, I know!)

Keeping with tradition, we ate chili for dinner and watched the Elf while decorating the tree. Poor Mike had to listen to me tell the same stories about each ornament as I pulled them out. I just love the history and stories that are represented with each of my ornaments. Earlier in the day, we went to Hallmark to pick out the Keepsake ornament series we are going to start collecting! The tree looked beautiful and I loved decorating it with my husband.
Well, we spoke too soon about the beautiful tree...
We were jolted awake at 4am Monday morning by the sound of a crashing tree. We ran out to the living room and I see that the tree narrowly missed O'Malley. He was still laying on his dog bed and was not too thrilled to be sharing it with the Christmas tree. Thankfully O'Malley and all the ornaments survived the fall. Let's hope the tree remains standing for the rest of the holiday season!


Lynsey and Brian said...

Glad O'Malley is okay. I saw some Appalachian ornaments. Do you collect the series? That's one thing I collect and actually have a blog post scheduled about them!

Emily G. said...

I bore Greg every year with "ornament stories" too! haha!