Monday, November 22, 2010

Tailgating with the Parents

We hit the road again this past weekend and headed to Winston. O'Malley had been at "camp Nanny and Poppy" so we needed to pick him up. Mike was also supposed to go to the Carolina football game but those tickets fell through as we were heading home. Poor guy- he was so bummed. But at least he got to come with us!

My parents (or maybe just dad) are big Wake fans and have bought season tickets for football and basketball since we were little kids. I haven't been to a Wake game in over 10 years but thought it would be fun to go with my parents. My parents and their friends know how to tailgate! Mike & dad dominated in cornhole, the food was delish, enjoyed all the beer dad packed, got to know some Knoxville lovers and even surprised dad with a birthday cake!!

Mike & I had a great day with my parents and their friends-thanks for letting us hang!

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