Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Next Stage

I am currently on a business trip with the hubs and have a little extra time on my hands. What better use of time then to update the blog!

When this blog started in 2008, my prayer was to try to "live in the moment" daily. I haven't given up on this prayer but it has really turned into a life goal. Because of my crazy personality, I tend to forget to live in the moment and always plan ahead. I am still and will always be a crazy planner, but a lot of other things have changed since 2008...fell in love, became a wife and moved to a new state. Those seems like great reasons to create a new title. I also wanted to make it "our" blog because Mike says he might want to write a post or two.

"Our Tennessee Adventure" seemed like an appropriate title for this stage in our life. We have been married for a little under 3 months and are still learning about our new city and each other. I have no doubt there will be many more stories as we continue to navigate through our new life together in TN!!


Emily G. said...

yes it was time for a blog facelift! I like the new look.

glad you are enjoying your new "TN Adventure" so far....and even more glad it's so close to me!!!! :)

Lora said...

I want to read posts by Mike :)

Rebecca said...

I love the new title and can't wait to hear from the Mr. Whahoo!

beth gibbs said...

Life is an adventure that can't always be planned. Just go with the flow. You never know what will happen. I love all my planners!